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Top Bitcoin Mining Companies in 2018 – most Trusted



1. Genesis mining 

They are well advanced and balanced in the world of mining right now. Personally, I’ve made some good profit here and i love the platform very much!
Genesis mining is by far the most popular and the best platform for mining in the cloud out there.
They are the only ones that still offer lifetime services To their customers and they have vowed to keep it that way!
They encountered some issues earlier this year due to hacker’s activities but they have long recovered and running smoothly since then!

2. Hashflare
Hashflare used to be so great until they disabled lifetime contracts on their platform!
Yeah. There after the company has slowly lost customers. Personally, Personally, I don’t think I’ll be able to invest at hashflare ever again at their current 1 year contract. It’s simply not fair for us miners/users!

3. Eobot
As for Eobot, I don’t understand the website but I know it works for real. Goodluck using it in terms of UX / navigation.

4. Hashing24
They Came on board this year and so far they have made their own mark and captured their own market too. I got started with them quite early too and since then they have been delivering pretty well.

I have also compared them With Genesis-mining here: Genesis-mining Vs Hashing24: Highest Paying Mining Company

Those are the big boys in the mining game. How about the upcoming ones?
Yes, we have a lot of other companies that are preparing to launch their own

Promising Cloud mining companies that we are testing in 2017 which may make waves in 2018!

This is the meaty part actually.
If half of these companies eventually succeed which I pray they do, there will be serious competition in the cloud mining industry which is good for us investors!

Am looking forward to interesting and tough competition in 2018 in the cloud mining industry between these new ones below and the top dogs above.

Let’s go!