INTERLOPERS OF RUUN-KHAZAI An ancient githyanki stronghold is ripe for the picking–or is it? A D&D adventure for 13th-level PCs. DUNGEON® Adventures, which would give you more than enough material to keep you going. See our subscription cards in this issue. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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Every action the PC takes this turn has no effect whatsoever.

Dungeon Magazine # : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Viktor pulls out and activates his image recorder as soon as the PCs begin activating the valves to drain the reservoir, and if possible he also documents himself attacking the party and reversing the flow as they struggle to stop him. Now he staggers about holding one of his horns he ripped it out of his skull himself and painting the walls in blood with its nub.

Sadly, this is the least exciting way for the adventure to unfold. To this end, he went to great magazinee to acquire a few image projectors. When making a precise strike, Viktor cannot attack with a weapon in his other hand or use a shield.

CR 4; mechanical; proximity trigger; manual reset; hull rushes target into the kiln Str 25 and drags tbe false gargoyle statue in as well; Search DC 30; Disable Device DC If I recall correctly, those issues were free on WotC’s cite, rather than being part of the DDI subscription – presumably due to them still having 3. The hobgoblins what work for Karvasi have gone all strange. Daragun Mroranon is cured of his condition and thanks the PCs profusely.


This usually simply manifests as a scroll of dream, but if the yowling possessed dwarf is chosen as the subject of the spell, the reader and anyone linking hands with her is thrust into the hellish nightmares of Daragun Mroranon.

He was compelled to read the book in one sitting, eventually falling asleep on its pages. The orderlies and Dr.

Dungeon Magazine

There was no true official compilation other than that because they were still trying to decide on formatting and style issues. When the events of last Wildnight came to light, he was crushed, but secretly in his heart never believed Viktor capable of any wrongdoing. Some still mutter that Raven, a deranged serial murderer who held the city hostage and reported his sick deeds to the populace in horrifying prose, will not be the last dunteon puppet whose strings lead back to Viktor Saint-Demain.

Mako claims he cannot remember the magaine of the twenty-six people he devoured, though he dreams fondly of past meals. Besides the tools and paraphernalia, a row of vials on one of the shelves contains a cloudy red liquid.

Now they have been replaced with simulacra who wander the asylum aimlessly — they magaine little more than drooling half-wits.

Dungeon Magazine #151

If PCs come within 10 feet of the shelves, Scrimshaw topples them on the PCs and then resorts to melee combat sneak attacking pinned PCs or flanking with Scorn when possible. DC 20 Knowledge architecture and engineering: Might be worth grabbing them now, in case Magaizne realise their mistake. He used dungein to commit his murders, and he feels a sick bond with the cane. Karvasi took their meals in this room. The newly formed duplicate possesses the same stats, equipment, resources spells and abilitiesand number of hit points as the original.


Without warning he begins shriek- ing in horror and casts the book from him. He fights to the death or until an avenue of escape presents itself. Karvasi was fond of recording his proce- dures in meticulous detail. Within stand towering metal cylinders 20 feet high with intricate, if aged, piping connecting them in a cungeon web. Maldrake applies this same intuitive sense to striking opponents in combat dungwon well as avoiding blows.

Powerless in the Nightmare: The PC realizes the plans are false and ascer- tains that venting the jagazine would send the water elsewhere. Anyone caught in the spray takes 5d6 points of acid damage Reflex DC 15 half. No braziers provide light to dispel the inky darkness here. Originally Posted by RichGreen.

This attack has a range increment of 10 feet, with a maximum range of five range increments.

They provide anyone beb ind them with cover. Jan van Leyden – Tuesday, 6th January, If things start to get too slow, have Maldrake show up in person, crossbows blazing.

If hurt, he redirects his attack toward whatever creature harmed him. DC 25 Knowledge architecture and engineering: There a hulking gargoyle stands stock still among the pottery, an arrow notched in his longbow.

Shemeska – Tuesday, 6th January, Ghosts of Inmates Past on page The centipedes, stinging ants, and other dangerous insects magzzine within spill free and surge toward you.