AIA Document B represents an entirely new format for an AIA may choose to use an AIA Standard Form of Architect’s Services, such as the one. AIA B – Standard Form of Agreement: Owner & Architect by AIA. B is a flexible contracting package that allows architects to offer a broad range of. PLEASE NOTE: This is a physical copy of the contract, not a download. By AIA. B/CMA is a standard form of agreement between owner and architect for use .

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Structural Engineer if required: Because of the nature of the work being conducted housing of non-regulated research animals a detailed punchlist will be prepared following a thorough inspection.

We are planning on a monthly review meeting and construction observation trip until the projected, construction completion in February 3 trips total. If the Architect determines that requested changes in the Work are not materially different from the requirements of the Contract Documents, the Architect may issue an order for a minor change in the Work or recommend to the Owner that the requested change be denied.

In a power failure condition or in the previously described out-of-parameter temperature condition the control system shall be programmed so that the main control dampers for the housing room on the supply and exhaust ducts shall close and shall remain closed until the main power aix is restored. Design and Contract Administration and modifications hereto are incorporated into the Standard Form of Agreement Between the Owner and Architect, AIA Document B, as modified, that was entered into by the parties as of the date: Bid Sets Estimated at.

Phase 2- Schematic Design: The Architect shall not be required to execute certificates that would require knowledge, services or responsibilities beyond the scope of this Agreement, but the Owner may require and the Architect shall execute, as part of its scope of Services described under Article 1.

The electrical contractor shall install indicated conduits and boxes for telephone and data ports. These files will show significant changes in the Work made during construction based on marked-up prints, drawings and other data furnished by 1b41 Contractor s to the Architect.

Please sign your name; print your name, title, and the date in the space provided.

wia Design and Contract Administration, if any, are as follows: The Owner, Architect and Contractor may participate in the arbitration, and any fees in connection therewith shall be borne equally by the parties. Page 2 of 2. The Architect agrees to cooperate and provide any information requested by the Owner b411 connection with the completion of the Project and consents to and authorizes the making of any reasonable changes to the design of aiw Project as the Owner and such other architect may desire.


The Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Sterling Engineering Co. Normal power for outlets and lighting. Survey and Existing Site Conditions. The Owner shall furnish to the Architect, within 15 days after receipt of a written request, information necessary and relevant for the Architect to evaluate, give notice of or enforce lien rights.


Any changes after that will constitute a change of scope and schedule, which in turn will require a negotiation of an adjustment to the fee and schedule. Ai gauge is to determine the relative pressure of the housing room in comparison with the central B411 corridor. This aka was produced by AIA software at The Owner and Architect agree as follows: Ceiling mounted grilles with the exception of the exhaust collars in the primary housing room, and the steam collection hood in the cagewasher room.

The Owner, Architect and Contractor may participate in the mediation process, and any fees in connection therewith shall be borne equally by the parties.

Program documents by Specialty Operations Solutions, Inc. For the following Project: Any services provided by the Architect that are requested by the Owner after date of termination shall be fairly compensated by the Owner pursuant to mutual agreement on the amount of compensation prior to the performance of such services.

All outside corner wall joints as indicated on the drawing shall be fitted with Acrovyn corner guards, manufactured by Construction Specialties. We will develop a permit set and include calculations for the plumbing, and HVAC loads if required.

Time Multiplier of 1. If the Owner deems that all or a part of such Change in Services is not required, the Owner shall give prompt written notice to the Architect, and the Architect shall have no obligation to change those services.

All wall and ceiling surfaces shall be coated with two coats 4. In the event that any clause or portion of a clause of this signed proposal or the General Terms and Conditions is finally determined by a court h141 competent jurisdiction, from which an appeal either cannot be taken or is not taken, to be in violation of any applicable federal, state, or local law, all aua clauses or portions of a clause shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect to the maximum extent not clearly prohibited by applicable federal, state, or local law.


We assume we will not require escorts for the 1 st floor, penthouse or ground floor areas during our survey. Please return the signed original to us.

Identify documentation or state the manner in which the program will be developed. Scope of the Project.

The Contractor is solely responsible for safety regarding all work. Specific legal advice should be obtained with respect to deletions or modifications, and also regarding requirements such as written disclosures or waivers. Should there be substantial changes to the original program after the approval of schematic bb141, which changes substantially increase the scope of design services to be furnished hereunder, the Architect shall notify the Owner in writing of a Change in Services and receive approval from the Owner before proceeding with the revisions necessitated by such changes.

The Schematic Design Documents shall include a conceptual site plan, if appropriate, and preliminary building plans, b41 and elevations. Review of SOS documents to become familiar with the information and to meet with SOS to clarify questions concerning this information. In b41 event of a proper suspension of services, the Architect shall have no liability to the Owner for delay or damage caused the Owner because of such suspension of services.

The Design Development Documents shall illustrate and describe the refinement of the design of the Project, establishing the scope, relationships, forms, size and appearance of the Project by means of plans, sections and elevations, typical construction details, and equipment layouts.

Identify method such as competitive bid, negotiated contract, or construction management. Design confirmation code review of the SOS concept floor plan. Phase 1- Existing Conditions: The Architect shall execute all consents reasonably required to facilitate such assignment. See program documents prepared by Specialty Operations Solutions, Inc.

Specialty Operations Solutions, Inc. Appropriate insurance certificates will be furnished upon request.

This document has important legal consequences. All gaps at the joints of door frames and walls shall be filled with a smooth bead of GE clear silicone sealant. Architecture and Engineering Team. Neither Sterling Engineering Co.